Bearded Dragon Tail Rot – Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Bearded Dragon Tail Rot

Bearded dragons are naturally hardy animals, and with the correct care, you can expect them to remain healthy and thriving. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t develop health problems. Many owners can confess that their bearded dragons have encountered at least one illness. Tail rot is a common illness in bearded dragons. As it … Read more

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Not Eating? Reasons And Solutions

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Not Eating? Reasons And Solutions

You’re tossing out your beardie’s food in the trash for the third or fourth time this week. Insects are barely touched. Vegetables and leafy greens are wilting in the enclosure. “Why is my bearded dragon not eating?“ That may be you, wondering why your bearded dragon (who usually has a strong desire for food) has … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers? (Yes, Moderately)

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers

If you own a bearded dragon or any other pet, the type of food they eat can be a cause for concern for you.  One of these foods is cucumber, and the question, “Can bearded dragons eat cucumbers?” is one of the many that have plagued bearded dragon owners.  The simple answer is, yes, you … Read more

Can A Male Bearded Dragon Lay Eggs? Busting All Myths

Can A Male Bearded Dragon Lay Eggs

Bearded dragons are easy, interesting, and mysterious pets to care for, and if you’re a new pet owner, then you really can’t wait to unravel these mysteries. Now, one of the questions that could pop up is if male bearded dragons can lay eggs, and it is quite easy to understand because female bearded dragons … Read more

10 Types Of Bearded Dragon Morphs – What is the Rarest?

10 Types Of Bearded Dragon Morphs

Thanks to mutations, herpetologists can selectively breed bearded dragons to produce interesting visual changes different from the basic bearded dragon appearance. That’s how different bearded dragon morphs came to be. Some were bred for different generations until the desired appearance was achieved.  Are you familiar with these morphs? There is quite a number, and herpetologists … Read more

Caring for Bearded Dragons – The Ultimate Care Guide

Caring for Bearded Dragons

They’re social, easily tamable, and can display a range of interesting behaviors that can be fascinating to watch. They have a beard, and usually, it doesn’t take them long to get used to being around people. They can wave their arms and nod their heads. Affectionately known as “beardies,” bearded dragons can make excellent pets … Read more

Albino Bearded Dragon: Your Questions Answered

Albino Bearded Dragon

Have you ever seen a bearded dragon albino? And I don’t mean the white morphs or others with pale coloring.  Albino beardies are different from white morphs. White morphs are white, that’s their color, and they can survive perfectly under UVB light and direct sunlight. On the other hand, albino bearded dragons lack melanin, hence … Read more

Can bearded dragons eat bananas? Here’s a Word of Caution

Can bearded dragons eat bananas

Healthy adult bearded dragons should have a diet that consists of mostly vegetables and insects. So, does that mean that beardies can never have any fruit? Bearded dragons can eat certain fruits in moderation. However, fruits should never make up a large portion of their diet because they can be life-threatening.  What about our potassium-rich … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery? & Other Veggie Alternatives

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery

It’s okay if you get confused about what your beardies can and cannot eat. After all, most reptiles are native to tropical or arid climates, and their diet in the wild consists primarily of insects.  Of course, you’ve seen pet stores label vegetables like celery as “bearded dragon food,” but can bearded dragons eat celery?  … Read more