11  Best Bearded Dragon Enclosures For 2024 & Buying Guide

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Best Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Bearded dragon enclosures do more than just offer your pet a nice home. A good enclosure should mimic their natural environment to help your beardie remain healthy and happy. 

Today’s market is flooded with tons of bearded dragon enclosures, and until you try one out, you can’t be sure it meets the requirements. 

To save you the trouble, I’ve reviewed the best 11 bearded dragon enclosures and thrown in a buying guide toward the end of the article. Our best overall choice is the REPTI ZOO 67-Gallon Large Reptile Terrarium. 

Read on to find out why this terrarium and the other ten top choices made our list. 

our top 11 Best Enclosures at a Glance

Top 11 Best Enclosures for bearded dragon

Below are detailed reviews of the best-bearded dragon enclosures on the market today.

1. REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Reptile Terrarium

Front sliding doors

REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Reptile Terrarium

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Material: Tempered glass| Product dimensions: 48″ x 18″ x 18″| Shape: Rectangular| Gallon Capacity: 67 gallons| Weight: 53 lbs

This glass terrarium has sliding front doors that allow easy access when cleaning or feeding your pet.

It also has a special lock that prevents escape and allows you to slide the doors separately. The top ventilation allows UV penetration and is removable when cleaning or decorating the enclosure.

The bottom is slightly raised to fit a substrate heater to heat the ground surface. This feature keeps the bottom ventilated to prevent any heating problems and ensure optimal hot spots. It’s also waterproof, making it perfect as a rainforest tank. 

All four sides, including the top, are glass to provide a warm living space for your bearded dragon. There are closable inlets on the side to install heat rocks or heat cables. 

The enclosure is made of strong tempered glass and is packaged with thickened reinforced foam, so you don’t have to worry about any fragility issues during transportation. 


  • Made of strong glass material.
  • Waterproof base.
  • Special anti-escape lock.
  • Removable top screen.
  • Sliding front doors.


  • It is expensive.

2. OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium

Good Cable/Wire management features

OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium

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Material: Tempered glass| Product dimensions: 36″ x 18″ x 18″| Shape: Rectangular| Gallon Capacity: 50 gallons|

The OIIBO go gallon has six outlet holes on the top lid, specially designed to help with wire organization. And not just that, it also has a knob-style hole on the side to meet more requirements. 

It’s made of tempered and regular glass and quality aluminum material to guarantee durability. You can easily access the enclosure from the top from the left and right sides since the top lid is divided into two, and each side opens separately. 

You can also place heat mats at the bottom for maximum heat circulation. Bearded dragons need heat for healthy scaly skin. This terrarium is designed with a mesh top to allow UVB light penetration for your pet’s healthy skin and improve ventilation.

You don’t need a professional to help with installation, as it’s easy to install and takes only ten minutes of your time. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Raised bottom.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Large enough.


  • Insects may get in through the holes on the top.

3. Carolina Custom Cages Extra-Long Terrarium

Bearded dragon-specific

Carolina Custom Cages Extra-Long Terrarium

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Material: Tempered glass| Product dimensions: 47.2 x 17.8 x 17.8 inches| Shape: Square

This terrarium is manufactured by Carolina Custom Cages, which is a branch of Carolina Dragon Designers, a company that breeds bearded dragons.

With experience raising bearded dragons, the producer customizes this enclosure to meet the bearded dragons’ requirements. 

The tank has a key lock that closes safely to ensure your pet doesn’t escape from his home. It also has a waterproof base to prevent leaks and infiltration.

The top measures 47.2” by 17.8”, giving you plenty of space for heaters and light installation. Apart from that, this enclosure holds well against high heat and favors owners who prefer disposable substrates as the base allows layering.

The Carolina Custom Cage is functional and aesthetically pleasing for those who want something appealing. It has sleek lines but is also practical to help keep your beardie healthy. 


  • Practical design.
  • Solid build.
  • Lockable mesh top.
  • Deep base to accommodate more substrate.


  • The top needs reinforcement if you use heavy heaters.

4. Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 

3D rock background

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium

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Material: Glass| Item dimensions: 18 x 18 x 24 inches| Shape: Rectangular| Weight: 50 pounds

The EXO Terra glass terrarium features a decorative foam background that looks like a bearded dragon’s natural environment. It also has double-hinged front doors with a unique snap-locking system.

It is a sturdy terrarium made from thick glass that seals seamlessly without support from bars. Though it features a simple design, this tank has all the essential features and is perfect for beginners and expert beardie parents.

And though the top is a fine screen mesh, it allows air circulation as it is well-ventilated. The decorative background hides all the codes and wires at the back for those who don’t like seeing wires around.

Despite the amazing features, this tank is pocket friendly, so it offers value for money even when you are working on a budget. 


  • Affordable.
  • Decorative natural-looking background.
  • It comes assembled, so you don’t need to set it up.
  • Made of thick glass that tolerates heat and holds humidity.


  • Doesn’t have a key lock.

5. EXO Terra Outback Terrarium

Easy twist locks

EXO Terra Outback Terrarium

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Material: Stainless steel| Item dimensions:25 x 19.6 x 13.3 inches| Shape: Rectangular| Weight: 33 lb| Gallon Capacity: 20 gallons

This terrarium is designed with a distinctive ventilation system that allows airflow while keeping your pet inside the tank. Besides, the top screen cover has twist locks guaranteeing your pet’s safety.

You can easily access the interior to handle your pet or for maintenance purposes. The stainless steel material is easy to clean, and you only need a few minutes to leave your pet’s home sparkling clean. 

The only disadvantage of this enclosure is its size. It can only accommodate small bearded dragons, especially since you need room for rough surfaces and other decorative equipment. 

If you install all these, you’re left with a small space to accommodate a sizable bearded dragon. So if you have a giant beardie, consider a bigger tank. 


  • Excellent ventilation system.
  • Attractive.
  • Easy twist locks.


  • Only suitable for small bearded dragons. 

6. REPTI ZOO Full Tempered Glass Terrarium

Very Spacious

REPTI ZOO Full Tempered Glass Terrarium

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Material: Glass| Item dimensions:47.2″(W) x 17.7″(D) x 23.6″(H)| Shape: Rectangular| Gallon capacity: 85 gallons

With 85 gallons capacity, the REPTI ZOO glass terrarium provides enough living space for giant beardies. This space is big enough to accommodate things like rocks and branches and still leave room for your pet to roam around. 

Like most REPTI ZOO terrariums, this tank has two front doors that open separately to give access when cleaning or feeding your bearded dragon. The top is also removable in case you want to clean it from the top or put a large rock inside the tank. 

The bottom frame is slightly raised for those who use substrate heaters. It’s also waterproof, so it can be used as a tropical or desert tank. Regarding safety, this tank has a security lock that prevents doors from opening accidentally, especially when kids are playing with the pet inside. 

The one downside is the price, as the tank is relatively expensive. However, if you consider the features and the capacity, it’s worth your money.


  • Spacious for giant bearded dragons.
  • Two separately opening front doors.
  • Closable inlets that lock the wires.


  • It is pricey.

7. Zilla Reptile Starter Habitat Kit

Odor-fighting terrarium liner

Zilla Reptile Starter Habitat Kit

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Material: Glass| Item dimensions:23.75 x 14.5 x 17.75 inches| Shape: Rectangular| Item Weight: 17 lb

The Zilla tank comes with a starter kit that includes a white spot bulb, reflective domes, and a night bulb.

Although it saves you the cost of buying bulbs when starting, you’ll need to get some as they don’t last long. The non-abrasive tank liner fights odor and keeps the tank fresh. 

You don’t need help installing it, but in case you’re stuck, you can use the set-up manual that comes with the tank. And once you set it up, you’re good to go. 

However, this tank is too small for giant bearded dragons. The size also limits the installation of decorative and functional items like rocks and branches. 


  • User-friendly features.
  • Comes with a two bulbs.
  • Non-abrasive liner.


  • Not ideal for big pets.

8. Oiakz Reptile Terrarium 

360 degrees full view

Oiakz Reptile Terrarium

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Material: Acrylic| Item dimensions:11.8 x 7.9 x 5.9 inches| Shape: Rectangular

The Oiakz terrarium is a perfect bearded dragon home with kids because it offers a 360 degrees view. Your kids will enjoy observing the animals, especially those who love pets and nature.

This rectangular tank is made from acrylic, an environment-friendly material. It has ventilation holes on the sides to allow airflow inside the tank. Its lock design keeps the pet inside the enclosure and is very convenient when you want to access the interior. 

It’s easy to install, and you use silicone rings to fix it to make it stronger. The temperature gauge on the side makes it easy to monitor the amount of water vapor inside the tank. 

You can easily wipe the surfaces to keep everything tidy and prevent dirt from blocking the view. The size is perfect for young bearded dragons and small-sized adult beardies, but if yours is bigger, this may not be the ideal tank.

You also need enough space to put substrate, rocks, and branches and still have room for your beardie to walk around. If you install all these, you might leave your pet with no space to roam.

But other than that, the tank offers impressive features to keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy. 


  • Natural observation.
  • It has a temperature gauge on the side.
  • Easy to install.
  • Convenient lock design.


  • Delicate material, and sometimes the top lid bows inside. 

9. Carolina Custom Cages Giant Deep Terrarium

Enormous in size

Carolina Custom Cages Giant Deep Terrarium

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Material: Tempered glass| Item dimensions:72 x 24 x 18 inches| Shape: Square

This is probably the biggest bearded dragon enclosure on the market. It’s another one from Carolina, so it was made with your beardie’s needs in mind.

The best thing about these Carolina series is that they are customized specifically for bearded dragons. 

With impressive clear sides, nothing obstructs your view, so you can sit at a distance and admire your beardie. Sliding doors are well-secured, and the cage is probably the best overall in terms of security. One thing, though, you’ll pay an extra coin for these tight security features. 

The design is simple but still looks stunning and complements your furniture. The interior is huge enough to accommodate decor items, background, and any other relevant equipment. Even after all these installations, there’s still room for your beardie to roam and enjoy its space.

However, because it’s a giant tank, it’s pretty heavy, so choose the perfect spot that minimizes movement. 

The mesh top is divided into two and opens separately when you need to install lights or access the inside. 


  • Durable.
  • Huge interior.
  • Easy to use.
  • Anti-escape security.


  • It is heavy.

10. OMEM Portable Reptile Terrarium Habitat

 Most Portable

OMEM Portable Reptile Terrarium Habitat

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Material: Polypropylene| Item dimensions: 7.87 x 7.87 x 9.84 inches| Shape: Square head

The OMEM reptile tank is perfect for when you want to move around with your pet. It’s a portable tank made from a lightweight material.

It is also well-ventilated and all sides are clear to provide better visibility, so you know how your pet is doing during the journey. You can also access the inside to feed your beardie, so there is no excuse to starve him.


  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Clear sides.
  •  Well ventilated .


  • It’s not the best permanent tank. 

11. Storage ChestsReptile Wooden Terrarium

Best insulation material

Storage ChestsReptile Wooden Terrarium

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Material: Paulownia Wood| Item dimensions: 23.6 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches| Shape: Rectangular| Item Weight: 10 lb

The Reptile Wooden Terrarium comes with an embedded thermometer so you can keep track of the temperature. What makes it outstanding is the Paulownia wood material that gives the tank a thermal insulation effect.

It is also lightweight, making it easy to move. Though it’s made from wood, this doesn’t compromise durability as the material is solid and lasts longer. The wood’s color and texture mimic your pet’s natural habitat. 

It’s fitted with vents on the side, and the skylight can be opened to observe the pet from the top. 

This tank is among the most affordable and remains attractive due to its unique wood material. 


  • It’s unique.
  • Lightweight.
  • Offers insulation.
  • Comes with an embedded thermometer.
  • Affordable.


  • Moisture may weaken the wood, form molds, or cause it to rot.

Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure Buying Guide

While all the above enclosures offer the best features for your pet, you have to choose based on your needs. So, here are the things that you should consider when buying a bearded dragon enclosure. 

1. Size of the tank

Size is among the crucial things to pay attention to. Your pet needs enough space to move around, especially since they need to stay active to clear their femoral pore secretions.

Your bearded dragon’s size and age should guide you on the size to go for. Baby dragons need at least 20-gallon enclosures, while juveniles need a minimum of a 40-gallon enclosure.

A bearded dragon enjoying his big terrarium set up
A bearded dragon enjoying his big terrarium set up

Adult beardies should have at least a 100-gallon tank. However, this is a rough estimate as some juveniles may be bigger depending on breed. In such a case, go with your pet’s size, not age.

But, when it comes to tanks, bigger is better, so if you can go a size up for your pet, please do. You still need room to accommodate rough surfaces, substrate, and anything else your pet may need.

2. Security of your bearded dragon

Your pet’s security should be your number one priority. That’s why you need an enclosure with locks to prevent your bearded dragon from getting out or bars other creatures from getting in. 

Front doors should have a key lock, and the sides should be strong, so your pet can’t push through. Bearded dragons are generally curious and may try to get out through the top screen. Ensure it’s not loose and there’s no opening to let your pet out accidentally. 

3. The material used to make the tank

The material affects visibility and things like temperature or humidity. For example, a tank made of glass gives you a clear view of the inside, so you can keep track of your pet’s movement at a glance.

You can’t compare this with a tank made of metal, especially if all sides are metal. This tank is not only opaque but may also heat up, affecting your pet’s temperature. 

4. Design

The tank should be designed with features that work in favor of your pet. For example, it should be well-ventilated to allow air circulation inside the tank.

Another critical aspect of the enclosure’s design is height. Bearded dragons spend their time on the ground or on low branches. This means they need more space on the floor to roam around.

With this in mind, a horizontal design may be better than a vertical one because the top space will be underutilized. 

5. Durability

As a rational pet owner, buying a bearded dragon enclosure every year is the last thing you want. This should be a one-time cost, so ensure you get value for money by choosing a tank that lasts a long time.

A bearded dragon looking comfy in his durable tank
A bearded dragon looking comfy in his durable tank

Go for a tank made of durable material that is easy to maintain. Apart from that, ensure the tank is strong enough, and there are no loose parts that may come off when using it. 

If you think about it, any defect will affect the durability, so ensure the tank is intact before buying it. I should also say that maintenance affects durability. For example, if you go for a wooden tank like our eleventh option, you should keep it away from water or damp areas as this may compromise the wood.

This also goes for glass tanks, as they are delicate if something hard falls on them. So much as the material used is durable, how you take care of it also plays a role. 

6. Accessibility

All bearded dragon enclosures come with an opening to access the interior of the tank. However, not all offer an easy and safe way to access the inside.

The opening should be wide enough so you can easily access the inside. This way, you won’t struggle to access the inside for maintenance or when handling your pet.

In addition, the opening should be situated such that your pet is not threatened when you access the inside. For example, bearded dragon predators mostly attack from above. So, if you get an enclosure that has an opening on top, you might scare your pet away when accessing it from this position.

That said, front openings are preferred over top outlets. But this doesn’t mean top openings are bad; actually, they work better when cleaning or installing something. So maybe just use these openings when your pet is not inside. 

The good thing is that most bearded dragon enclosures offer both front and top openings. This way, you can use any opening depending on whether your pet is inside the tank. 

Regardless of your budget, use these aspects to pick an enclosure for your pet. Besides, there are tanks with excellent features at an affordable price, so you don’t have an excuse to compromise your pet’s needs. 

Teaching how to build a desert enclosure for bearded dragons

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it, beardie owners! The best eleven bearded dragon enclosures on the market to choose from. 

With excellent features, our best overall REPTI ZOO 67-Gallon Large Reptile Terrarium offers your bearded dragon a safe environment to thrive. 

From the waterproof base to the strong glass material, you can never go wrong with this tank. Besides, it has a safe anti-escape lock to keep your pet inside the enclosure until you get him out yourself.

But since the fantastic features come at an extra cost, feel free to explore the other ten options if you’re working on a budget.

Only focus on your pet’s well-being so go for a tank that works best for your bearded dragon.

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