Must-Have Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories for 2024

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Best Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories

Dragon tank accessories are the best way to make your bearded dragons feel more at home. Beardies who are comfortable in their terrariums are observed to live longer lives. It’s a no-brainer because this also applies to people.

If you’re happy and comfortable, you’re likely going to live longer. So why not do the same for your bearded dragon?

Your best bet is to design your home terrariums as a replica of their natural habitat by using the best bearded dragon tank accessories!

You can use multiple accessories, like our top pick, the Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger, to make your tank more accustomed to your dragon’s liking. 

Let’s explore the best options.

Our Top 12 tank accessories at a glance

The 12 Best Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories

Research shows that handling beardies manually for an extended period reduces their life. They feel anxious and stressed in terrariums that don’t feel natural to them. 

On the other hand, beardies feel much more peaceful when left in a natural environment.

Here are some of the best bearded dragon tank accessories that can help you create a natural habitat for your bearded dragon.

1. Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Loungers 

Adds Aesthetic Value to Home Terrariums

Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Loungers

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The Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger ranks number one in our list of tank accessories and is the best for decorating your home terrariums. These are handwoven, 100% natural seagrass fiber loungers, specially made for pet bearded dragons.

The triangular-shaped lounger is 3.25″ in length, 20″ in width, and 17″ high. Your reptile beardies are safe climbing the loungers. It’s a great way to provide an interesting and fun activity for your pet beardies. 

There are multiple shapes and sizes available, so you can find the perfect lounger for your terrarium space. 

For small terrariums, you can get small corner triangle loungers. For bigger terrariums, you can get a large or extra-large corner triangle lounger that comes with a supportive ladder.


  • Keeps your beardies entertained.
  • Adjustable to fit your pet terrariums.
  • No irritants or rough edges.
  • Gentle on the reptile’s skin.
  • Safe for all small beardies.


  • Molds might develop on the fiber surface soon.
  • Falls off easily.

2. Exo Terra Food And Water Bowl

Best Reptile Food and Water Bowl for Reptile Tanks

Exo Terra Food And Water Bowl

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Reptile food bowls are the most useful tank accessories every pet owner must have at home. The Exo Terra Food and Water Bowl are rated the best reptile bowls by most users.

It is designed in a natural-looking, very realistic rock style, which makes it perfectly suitable for terrariums. You get enough space for pouring food and water on the inside as it has a nice smooth, non-pitted surface.

For easy cleaning, the Exo Terra bowls are coated with a smooth final finish. Plus, the neutral natural colors make it a suitable accessory for both desert and tropical terrariums.


  • Easy to clean food bowl.
  • Steps prevent animals from drowning in the bowl.
  • Non-porous, smooth surface made from food-grade resin.
  • Very stable and not easily tipped over by larger reptiles.


  • The paint fades away soon.
  • The coating comes off in a few days.

3. HRRIVE Reptile Realistic Rock Hideout Cave 

Perfect Realistic Hideout Cave for Your Beardies

HRRIVE Reptile Realistic Rock Hideout Cave

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Ranking third in our list, HRRIVE Reptile Hideout Cave is a must-have tank accessory for your bearded dragons. Best suited for all tropical rainforest habitats, the HRRIVE hideout cave is exactly what your terrarium needs.

Designed with a combination of brown and gray colors, the cave gives your tank a nice realistic look. Your beardies can hide inside and easily come out of the cave hole. Made with resin material, the cave is polished around the corners to protect your dragon’s skin.

The cave is 6.69″ in length, 5.12″ wide, and 2.56″ high. So, you can easily fit it inside your small home terrarium. Make their home space fun and interactive to hide in and play around with, and keep your beardies happy.


  • Gives your pet a homier habitat for living.
  • Great product shape just like a real cave.
  • Fine carving to give it a natural look.
  • Smooth around the edges to protect your reptiles from getting hurt.


  • Not big enough for larger reptiles.
  • Easily moves away from the spot because of its lightweight.

4. Zoo Med Sandblasted Grapevine

Naturalistic Climbing Accessories 

Zoo Med Sandblasted Grapevine

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The Zoo Med Sandblasted Grapevine Wooden Branch Climber is an excellent tree alternative. The sandblast is a 12-inch long wooden climber that is designed for your beardies to feel just like climbing on a tree branch.

Beardies love climbing over it and basking in the heat. So, the climber also serves as a basking platform for your bearded dragons. The colors and texture match perfectly with your home terrariums.


  • Creates an attractive tree alternative.
  • Makes your terrariums look more natural.
  • Supports your small bearded dragon’s weight.
  • good for climbing and basking in the light.


  • Way too small for bigger pets.

5. Exo Terra Heat Regulating Thermometer

Best Temperature Gauge

Exo Terra Heat Regulating Thermometer

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The Exo Terra Heat Regulating Thermometer is an excellent choice of tank accessories you can buy for your beardies. Suitable for all kinds of reptile terrariums, the thermometer helps to manage and maintain effective heat inside your tanks.

Made of plastic material, the thermometer is lightweight and easy to mount on the sidewall of your home terrarium. Its unit count is 1.00, making it effective for monitoring different temperature levels. The clear analog dial display can show temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.


  • Easy to mount on smooth surfaces.
  • Comes with a tight adhesive dot.
  • Easy-to-read display.
  • Measures air humidity and temperature.


  • Not good for reattachment. 
  • Stops working abruptly.

6. Wontee Adjustable Reptile Harness and Leash

Long and Adjustable Leash

Wontee Adjustable Reptile Harness and Leash

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This is one of the most needed accessories for every pet reptile owner. The harness is made of a special chemical fiber to be comfortably worn by bearded dragons.

The tight buckle closure helps to secure the pet safely on the leash. It is easily adjustable to fit pets of different sizes. The anti-bite lower part is made of steel chains, so your beardies won’t get out of it easily on their own. Best for taking your beardies out on long walks.


  • Serves as a safe pet harness.
  • Promotes healthy walking behavior.
  • It’s long.
  • Most suitable for pet reptiles.


  • The metal pin might poke the back of your beardies.
  • Not fit for leopard geckos.

7. ReptiCasa Compressed Coconut Fiber Substrate 

Eco-friendly substrate

ReptiCasa Compressed Coconut Fiber Substrate

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The ReptiCasa Compressed Coconut Fiber Substrate is a much-needed tank accessory. The 10 pounds of substrate serve as suitable terrarium bedding.

The substrate is not too harsh to walk on, so your beardies are safe. It has a high expansion property, so it spreads uniformly inside your tanks.

The substrate is very absorptive and an excellent heat conductor. It easily absorbs all the foul odors, dirt, and humidity from your terrariums. 


  • Healthy and safe for pet beardies.
  • Absorbs waste and bad odor.
  • Easy to dispose of when needed.
  • Conducts heat and keeps humidity.


  • Takes too much time to clean.
  • Catches bugs and insects.

8. Hamiledyi Flexible and Bendable Jungle vine

Decorative Set

Hamiledyi Flexible and Bendable Jungle vine

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Hamiledyi Jungle Vine Accessories are best for decorating your reptile terrariums at home. These vines are very flexible and easily bendable. You can either hang them or spread them around inside the tank.

The vines are made of artificial iron wire to keep their shape and are covered with a soft PU material on the outside. This way, your beardies won’t get hurt climbing over the hanging vines.

The vines make your terrariums look more like a jungle and create a great natural environment for your tropical beardies. You can easily wash the vines with soap whenever there is dirt on them and reposition them however you like.


  • The artificial vines are easily bendable.
  • Very easy to spread and adjust.
  • Rough surface for better grip.
  • Promotes climbing and exploration of reptiles.


  • Might scrape your dragon’s skin.
  • Makes a tangled mess.

9. Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Bark Bend 

Promote Exploration 

Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Bark Bend

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The Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Bark Bend is an excellent hideout accessory to place inside your dragon tanks. Your beardies can play hide and seek, climb on it, or sit on top, basking in the warmth. 

The bark shelter is made of non-porous material and has polished exterior surfaces on both sides. The hideout is lightweight and very easy to clean with soapy water. It is safe to be placed inside your reptile terrariums.


  • Satisfies the need for burrowing animals.
  • Open ends for easy entry.
  • Non-porous exterior resists bacterial growth.
  • Easy to clean with warm, soapy water.


  • The paint comes off easily.
  • Small in size.

10. Simple Deluxe ‎25/50 Watts Dimmable UVB

Budget Lighting and Heating Option

Simple Deluxe ‎25/50 Watts Dimmable UVB

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This is best for heating your bearded dragon tanks, and the full spectrum basking spotlight comes with 25 and 50-wattage bulbs.

It comes with wide clip clamps that can easily attach inside your reptile tank. It can rotate 360° to heat the overall environment. The tank comes with a dimmable switch to help control the light intensity. 


  • Full spectrum natural UVB light.
  • Suitable for both aquariums and reptile terrariums.
  • Comes with an explosion-proof safety lamp. 
  • Helps keep your beardies warm.


  • The bulb may be Inflammable.

11. Zilla Reptile Heat & Light Digital Timer

Best Digital Timer

Zilla Reptile Heat & Light Digital Timer

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The Zilla Reptile Digital Pet Timer is best for monitoring your reptile tanks when you’re not around. The timer is suited to regulating both the light as well as the heating temperatures inside the tank.

The timer works at a 15-ampere current and has an easy on/off manual switch. It has eight different outlets for effectively centralizing the tank control to monitor and manage light duration, tank filters, and heating temperatures.

The digital tank timer is small enough to easily fit inside the corner of your tank. You can easily program the digital timer for the entire day and be carefree about your terrariums.


  • Gives you easy 24/7 tank control.
  • You can program it daily.
  • 8 outlets centralize the tank control.
  • Works to manage and monitor lights, filters, and heaters.


  • Very hard to program.
  • The timer stops working after some time.

12. HERCOCCI Reptile Bridge Hammock 

Choice Assorted Set

HERCOCCI Reptile Bridge Hammock

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The HERCOCCI Reptile Bridge Hammock is an excellent decorative piece for your bearded dragon tanks. 

The bridge is made of natural wood, which is very flexible and bendable. You can easily adjust it inside your home tank and create a nice way to cross the distance between two huge tower objects. Your beardies will love it as a basking platform as well.

The bearded dragon hammock makes a great fun object to entertain your beardies. It’s made of 100% natural seagrass, handwoven for safety. So, it’s pretty soft and sturdy. Pet reptiles love climbing over it and hiding under it.

Furthermore, the accessories are pretty easy to install inside your tank and create a natural reptilian habitat. You can easily clean the hammock and bridge using a soft brush.


  • Provides your beardies with a homier habitat for living.
  • Very easy to spread and adjust inside your tank.
  • Promotes a healthy exploration behavior.
  • Good for decorating your reptile tanks. 


  • Not suitable for small-sized terrariums.
  • Might fall under the weight of your heavy beardies.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories—Buying Guide

To find the best tank accessories, you must take your time and evaluate all your options. Don’t spend all your hard-earned money on things that might turn out to be useless to you. 

So, here are some things you should consider when choosing bearded dragon tank accessories.

Naturally Sourced

If you are buying sand or carpet substrates, they should be naturally sourced without additives or any other sharp and pointy splinters. Calcium supplements and food bowls should be free from toxins and any harmful chemicals.

Sturdy and Durable

All kinds of pet toys and tank accessories must be sturdy and durable. Otherwise, it’s nothing but a waste of money.

Digital Gadgets

If you’re buying digital gadgets like thermometers or a central tank timer, make sure they work. Check the batteries and display screens.

Safe and Sensitive

All the accessories must be safe for your beardies. Don’t buy things that might put your beardies in danger. Avoid things that may be pointy, sharp, or rough because they may harm the sensitive skin of your pet bearded dragon.

Easy To Clean 

The tank accessories should be easy to clean, so cleaning them frequently should not be a tough chore.

Showing some tank decor ideas for bearded dragon


Found anything you like? We recommend you first buy the things that are more significant for your beardies. 

Decorative tank accessories can wait, but every reptile tank must have a food bowl. The Exo Terra Food and Water Bowl is more of a necessity than just an accessory.

The Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Loungers and the HRRIVE Reptile Realistic Rock Hideout Cave are two of the most wanted bearded dragon tank accessories that you can buy.

So, make sure to sort out your priorities and only buy things that can easily fit inside your reptile terrariums.

Let us know your thoughts about our suggested items and how you are using them to decorate your pet tanks.

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