Does My Beardie Trust Me? Here are 9 Unmistakable Signs

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Does My Beardie Trust Me

Does my beardie trust me? It’s a question that has been on many pet owners’ minds, and they’re right to ponder such issues. 

We know how important it is to know how much your beardie trusts you because a trusting relationship is the foundation for a healthy bond. 

If your beardie doesn’t trust you, he may not listen to your commands or eat the food you give him. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help you figure it out so that you can take the next step in your relationship with your beardie.

So let’s get started!

Does My Beardie Trust Me?

Generally, bearded dragons trust humans. But just as is the case with other pets, the situation will vary with each beardie-human pairing. For you, the answer is in your beardie’s behavior. Bearded dragons may seem like loners, but they enjoy the company of other dragons.

In fact, they live in large groups in the wild because they need protection from predators such as birds, snakes, and cats. Your bearded dragon will also be happier when he has a buddy to hang out with.

When it comes to humans, your bearded dragon is going to test you to see whether you’re worthy of his trust. If you don’t pass his tests, he’ll either ignore you or bite you.

Be prepared to deal with this behavior because it’s normal behavior for dragons (and other reptiles) when they’re not comfortable around people, especially when they’re young or frightened by something new in their environment.

How to Tell If Your Bearded Dragon Trusts You?

Bearded dragons are usually very friendly, curious, and social animals that will form a bond with their owners. Whether you’ve had your dragon for years or just got them, you must know how to tell if your bearded dragon trusts you.

Here are some signs:

1. They Let You Pick Them Up

If your bearded dragon lets you pick them up without trying to run away or bite you, they probably trust you enough to let you handle them without worrying about getting injured. 

This does not mean that all bearded dragons will let people pick them up; however, some may still be unsure of their new owner and feel safer staying on the ground rather than being held in someone’s hands.

A bearded dragon picked up by his owner
A bearded dragon picked up by his owner

2. Licks You

Bearded dragons lick their owners as a sign of affection; they also do this when they want something from them (like food). If your bearded dragon licks your hand or face, this is a sign that it feels comfortable around you and trusts you. 

3. Closes Eyes Around You

Bearded dragons close their eyes when they’re relaxed or in a state of trust. Is your bearded dragon closing his eyes around you? 

Well, it means that he feels safe with you and trusts that you’ll take care of him. When they’re scared or stressed, their eyes will open wide, and their pupils will enlarge. The more relaxed they are, the more closed their eyes will be.

4. Sleeps on You

The most obvious sign is when your bearded dragon sleeps on you, or near you, at least. 

This can be a big deal because it means that your beardie trusts you enough not only to stay near you but also to rest while you work.

5. Loves Head Scritches

Bearded dragons are very touchy-feely reptiles that love to receive head scratches from their owners.

If your bearded dragon loves to have its head scratched, this is another good sign that your beardie trusts you enough to let you handle it without hesitation.

6. Follows You Around

You can tell when your bearded dragon relies on you because it will follow you around the house. 

They may even sit on top of your shoulder and just chill there while you go about your business. 

This means they feel safe with you, and they have no reason to think that something bad is going to happen.

A bearded dragon following his owner around the house
A bearded dragon following his owner around the house

7. Plays With You

You know you’ve got a friend for life when they play with you. Bearded dragons are pretty easygoing, but if your bearded dragon is playing with you, that means they count on you.

In the wild, bearded dragons will often play with each other to strengthen their bonds. In captivity, this behavior can be seen between humans and their pets as well.

8. The Waves Tells All

This is one of the best indicators that your bearded dragon believes you. 

If they wave at you from across the room, or if they wave their front legs in your direction when they see you (and especially if they do this while waving their tail), it’s a sign that they are happy to see you and excited about spending time with you.

9. Shows No Signs Of Aggression 

A beardie can show aggression in many ways, including puffing up, tail whipping and hissing, or even biting if it feels threatened by someone or something. 

So if your beardie shows no signs of aggression towards you or anyone else, it means that they trust you.

How Long Until My Bearded Dragon Trusts Me?

Bearded dragons are tame and friendly, but they’re also smart. You’ll have to work harder than other pets to earn their trust. Feeding them regularly and spending time with them will help, but it will take some time before they become completely comfortable around you.

You can expect your bearded dragon to take a few weeks to get used to new surroundings, especially if she’s been recently brought home from a pet store or breeder. 

In fact, a study revealed that beardies might face some anxiety during handling, so it’s always recommended to stay patient and gentle. Let them explore their new home for a few days before introducing yourself to them as well. 

Give them space until they’re ready for interaction with people.

When you’re ready to introduce yourself, remember that bearded dragons are very perceptive of their environment, so don’t make any sudden movements or loud noises near their tank or cage. 

Speak softly and gently so as not to startle them. Even though they may seem to be asleep or not paying attention, they are always on alert for danger.

Explaining how to tame a bearded dragon

Closing Thoughts

So, do bearded dragons trust their owners? The answer is a resounding yes. 

Bearded dragons are incredibly intelligent and strong-willed creatures, and they can make their own decisions. But even though they may not trust you 100%, they do recognize your presence as a safe one, and they will learn to trust you over time.

So don’t worry. Your beardie is probably just fine with you right now; he just needs some time to get used to his new home.

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