Where Do Bearded Dragons Like to Sleep? 5 Preferred Places

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Where Do Bearded Dragons Like to Sleep

Don’t we all love it when we get a good night’s sleep? Well, the same goes for your reptile pet 


A good night’s sleep is very important to keep your beardies healthy. It helps restore their energy for the next day and makes them physically active.

So, where do bearded dragons like to sleep? 

Bearded dragons are picky about their sleeping places. This article discusses everything you need to know about the best areas for your bearded dragons to sleep in/on.

5 Areas Where Bearded Dragons Like to Sleep On

All beardies need a good, safe home space to stay happy in their tanks. A proper sleep schedule helps to calm their nerves down as well.

We have observed that beardies get more comfortable sleeping in these five areas more often.

5 Areas Where Bearded Dragons Like to Sleep On
5 Areas Where Bearded Dragons Like to Sleep On

1. Sleeping Cushion

Bearded dragons feel more comfortable sleeping on soft cushions that are puffy and filled with cotton.

2. Sleeping Bag

Some days, beardies need an extra dose of pampering where they like to cuddle and sleep in a comfy sleeping bag.

3. Soft Lizard Lounger

Loungers are proven to be a very good sleeping alternative for bearded dragons. They feel at ease resting on top of a comfortable lizard lounger that is placed inside their tanks for sleeping.

4. Comfortable Floor Liners

Floor liners are a great way of decorating your home terrariums. With comfortable floor bedding- placed inside on which bearded dragons can rest and sleep peacefully, you can design your home tanks perfectly suited for bearded dragons.

5. Flexible Hammock

A flexible resting platform like a hammock can be of great help for your beardies to relax and play. Beardies love climbing over the elastic hammock that extends within the dragon tank. They use it as a platform for playing, climbing, or sometimes resting.

8 Best Bearded Dragons Sleeping Accessories

Here are the 8 best bearded dragon sleeping accessories every pet owner must get for their home terrarium.

1. SEAPANHE Bearded Dragon Bed

SEAPANHE Bearded Dragon Bed

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The SEAPANHE Bearded Dragon Sleeping Bag comes with a pillow and blanket.

The premium quality breathable canvas outlines are filled with soft PP cotton material, which makes the bag very soft. The bag also comes with a warm blanket made of polar fleece.

The rectangular sleeping bag has dimensions of 13” x 8.47” x 2.28″, perfectly suited for medium-sized beardies weighing around 15 pounds.


  • Keep your beardies comfy.
  • Easy to fit within your pet terrariums.
  • Very soft and gentle on reptile’s skin.
  • Best sleeping bed for beardies.

2. Claymmny Reptile Terrarium Decoration Set

Claymmny Reptile Terrarium Decoration Set

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The Claymmny 5-in-1 Reptile Hammock Set is an excellent sleeping accessory for your bearded dragon. It’s made of oxford fabric material that’s easily bendable and pretty flexible.

It can be used as a sleeping, playing, or basking platform. Your beardies will love it. The hammock is pretty soft to the touch but sturdy. Pet reptiles love climbing over it.


  • Keeps your beardies comfortable.
  • Easily adjustable in terrariums.
  • No rough edges.
  • Very attractive for beardies.

3. Lozerne Ultra Soft Cushion for Small Pets

Lozerne Ultra Soft Cushion for Small Pets

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Lozerne Ultra Soft Sleeping Cushion for Bearded Dragons is made of extra soft plush fabric that feels very comfortable to sleep on. 

So, beardies love enjoying their time sitting or sleeping on top of the plush cushion. The cushion is breathable and lightweight. It feels like a soft pad placed inside the tank for your beardies.

The cushion comes in a 9.5” x 9.5” size, which is perfectly suitable for most juvenile and baby beardies.


  • Provides your beardies a homier habitat.
  • Very easy to adjust inside your tank.
  • Promotes a sound sleeping behavior.
  • Machine washable.

4. Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger

Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger

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Penn Plax Reptology Loungers make a valuable addition to the dragon sleeping accessories. These loungers are handwoven, made of 100% natural seagrass fibers, and specially designed for pet bearded dragons.

Best for decorating your home terrariums, beardies sleep comfortably on these triangular loungers. It is 3.25 inches in length, 20 inches wide, and 17 inches high. So, it fits easily inside your home terrarium.


  • Keeps your beardies entertained.
  • Adjustable to fit your pet terrariums.
  • No irritants or rough edges.
  • Gentle on reptile’s skin.
  • Safe for all small pet beardies.

5. Zilla Reptile Brown Terrarium Liner

Zilla Reptile Brown Terrarium Liner

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Zilla Reptile Pet Liners are an excellent choice of tank flooring for your reptile beardies to sleep on. 

These sleeping carpets are not only good for decorating your bearded dragon’s home, but they are also very comfy and warm too.

Additionally, desert dwellers also like to sit and rest on top of comfortable carpets while basking in the warm light whenever they’re cold.

These liners are made of a special non-abrasive material. Your beardies can’t eat or digest it, which helps prevent them from any safety hazards. 

Cleaning the carpet is very easy. Plus, the plush floor liners can help absorb bad pet odors as well. So, your pet’s home will stay clean and free of any foul odors.


  • Perfectly suited for your little juvenile bearded dragons.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Great fit for small reptile tanks.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Absorbs foul pet odors from the tank.

6. WATFOON Sleeping Bag

WATFOON Sleeping Bag

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The WATFOON sleeping bag is designed specifically for small-breed animals like bearded dragons.

It is extremely soft to the touch and very comfy. The sleeping couch is easily washable and reusable. It doesn’t tear and stays new for a long time.

This sleeping bag is available in a cute leopard print and made of soft cotton; it’s exactly what your pet reptiles need to sleep comfortably in their home tanks.


  • Non-slip Bottom.
  • Extra Soft Cotton Filler.
  • Easily washable.
  • Comfy for all small pet reptiles.

7. ADOGGYGO Hammock


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ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Hammock Lounger Tank Accessories for Reptiles is exactly what your terrarium is missing.

Made of nylon threads, the hammock is pretty strong and durable yet very flexible. So, your beardies can comfortably rest on the top of the hammock without getting tired or bored.

You can easily clean the hammock when it gets dirty by using a soft brush and some soapy water.


  • Keep your beardies entertained.
  • Easily washable.
  • Not irritant or sharp.
  • Safe for all small beardies.

8. Jetec Lizard Habitat Accessories

Jetec Lizard Habitat Accessories

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The Jetec Reptile Decor Hammock comes with special suction cups for easy attachment. You can adjust it easily inside your home tank to create a nice sitting or sleeping area for your bearded dragons.

The hammock makes a great fun object to entertain your beardies. Plus, they can also sleep on it or bask whenever they like. 

This lizard lounger is made of acrylic glass in a unique modern style. It is available in a size of 29.52 x 7.08 inches.


  • Give a comfortable living environment to your pets.
  • Allow your pet to self-regulate their temperature.
  • Suction cups are for easy attachment.
  • Provide an elevated vantage spot for beardies.

This is how bearded dragons usually sleep


We hope you have learned everything you need to know about your bearded dragons and how you can improve their sleep.

Make sure that your beardies get a good night’s sleep at night because it is very important for their health. 

If your pet friend is not active, you should probably buy it a good sleeping bag so it can comfortably rest in its tank.

You can try out various types of sleeping accessories and let your dragon pick what it likes the most.

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